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4 Political Leaders Visit Petro Sep™ in 4 Months!

4The value and importance of Petro Sep’s clean tech solutions can be gauged by the interest that they have generated in political circles in Canada. Over a span of four months, four prominent political leaders – Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty; Minister of Research and Innovation John Wilkinson; Oakville Mayor Rob Burton; MPP Kevin Flynn – have all come to Petro Sep to see our world leading technologies for themselves.

On January 15, 2008 Minister Wilkinson announced that Petro Sep’s™ North American licensee,KmX Corporation, has been accorded the prestigious designation of “Technology Partner” with the Government of Ontario. The process of becoming a technology partner according to Minister Wilkinson is “very grueling” adding that Petro Sep’s technology was peer reviewed for science excellence. The importance of this milestone was emphasized by the Minister when he said, “Through the science and through your business model, I think it’s a testament to the value of your company that the province of Ontario wants to be a partner.”

Less than a month later, Premier Dalton McGuinty, visited Petro Sep on February 12, 2008. The Mayor of Oakville, Rob Burton, was also on hand for the occasion. Both Premier McGuinty and Mayor Burton were given an extensive tour of Petro Sep’s Oakville plant and their reaction was unequivocally enthusiastic. “There’s a great Canadian story here to be told” said Premier McGuinty.

Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn, who is also the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment, paid a visit to Petro Sep on April 11, 2008. After his visit, Mr. Flynn suggested that Petro Sep be featured as the `business of the month’ in his constituency newsletter.