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Petro Sep™ and University of Ottawa Selected for World Leading Nanotechnology Research


Ottawa, ON – June 9, 2008 – Ontario’s Ministry of Environment has approved a world leading nanotechnology research initiative between the University of Ottawa and Petro Sep™. This initiative involves the dev

elopment of a new Nano membrane that has never been attempted before. If the research proves successful, these new nano membranes will have a higher flux and separation factor and performance than any other ultra-filtration or Nano filtration membranes currently available.

Dr. Takeshi Matsuura, one of the world’s foremost membrane scientists and an advisor to Petro Sep™, will be supervising this research project. Dr. Matsuura is a retired professor of membrane science from the University of Ottawa. Petro Sep™ President and CEO, FakhirBaig, stated “We’re extremely pleased to be working with MOE and U Ottawa on this cutting edge initiative. If this research is successful, it will be a great breakthrough for the environment and industry.” Future applications for this research include higher efficiencies in the desalination of sea water, removal of toxic chemicals (commonly known as VOCs) from water, and, the separation of carbon dioxide from natural gas. The Nano membrane research project is expected to conclude in June of 2011.