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AQUA-SEP™ (Zero Liquid Discharge)

AQUA SEP ™ ZLD (ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE) is a water treatment membrane process in which all suspended and dissolved solids are removed from the industrial waste water, rejected brine from Reverse Osmosis or thermal desalination plants. Water is purified, recovered and recycled leaving zero discharge behind at the end of the treatment cycle. The system Operates at low temperatures without using any evaporators or crystallizers.

AQUA SEP ™ ZLD  can be built as a small system which can treat 100 m3/day to 1000 m3/day. It can be built on modular scale up to any size to fit the customer requirement on custom design bases. This process minimizes waste water from industry, rejected brine from RO plants and thermal desalination plants discharge and maximizes water recovery.

AQUA SEP ™ ZLD  is a hollow fiber hybrid vacuum membrane distillation process. By acting as a crystallizer it purify and converts extremely high salt (Concentrated brine) water, waste water from oil & gas plants and any chemical industry waste water to the drinking water quality standards.

Advantages :

  • The main advantage of AQUA SEP ™ over other conventional technologies is that it makes the process very economical
  • By treating mining contaminated waste water to zero discharge
  • The reject of highly concentrated brine of conventional thermal desalination plant can be easily treated
  • Industrial waste water with high salts and inorganic chemicals can be separated and purified
  • The reject of RO desalination plants can be treated by this wonderful process