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What is Vacuum Membrane Distillation ?

VMD systems utilize a membrane-based separation process for extracting low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water by partial vaporization through a polymeric membrane. The membrane acts as a selective barrier between the feed in the liquid phase and the permeate in the vapor phase. The customized membrane allows only the selected desired component of the mixture to be transferred through it.

VOC-SEP™ (PERVAPORATION & VAPOUR PERMEATION)systems can be developed to utilize either vacuum membrane distillation technology or pervaporation.



VOC-SEP™ (PERVAPORATION & VAPOUR PERMEATION)systems utilize modules made from proprietary polymeric hollow fiber membranes. The hydrophobic (water repellent) nature of the membrane prevents the water from entering the pores of the membrane and allows only VOCs to pass through.

VOC-SEP™ (PERVAPORATION & VAPOUR PERMEATION)units can be designed for batch or continuous operation depending on the volume of the process stream to be treated. The degree of separation is controlled by the membrane and fluid proprieties. In continuous processes, multiple modules in series may be required to achieve the desired degree of separations. A vacuum pump is used to maintain a vacuum on the permeate side of the module. Permeate vapors from the vacuum pump discharge are condensed in a condenser.