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Membrane Distillation (AQUA-SEP™ )

AQUA-SEP™ is a hollow fiber membrane distillation process to purify water and convert extremely high salt (Concentrated Brine) water as well as waste water from oil & gas and any chemical industry to the drinking water quality standard. The main advantage of Aqua Sep™ over other conventional technologies is that it makes the process very economical. In many applications this process will produce water of very high quality.

  • It can treat the reject of highly concentrated brine of conventional thermal desalination plant.
  • It can treat Industrial waste water with high salts and inorganic chemicals.
  • It can also treat the reject of RO desalination plants.


Membrane Distillation

(AQUA-SEP™ ) is most amendable to smaller purification systems of up to 50M3 to 1000M3 /day. Suitable applications for high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) brine, especially for the reject of RO. Desalination would be in resorts or other smaller communities that are remote from major supply sources, as well as larger communities. Lower flow or batch treatment of waste water would also be suitable application.

AQUA-SEP™ (Membrane Distillation) could be a mobile unit of 10 to 50M3  or installed on land. It could be used for the production of Green chemicals.

  • Aqua-Sep Industrial Application
  • Aqua-Sep uses membranes to purify aqueous streams. Pure water is extracted from the feed by membrane in the membrane modules. Major application for Aqua-Sep are:

Membrane Desalination of Sea Water

Potable water can be extracted from seawater by using a vacuum membrane distillation process. The process makes water of very high quality. Aqua-Sep is ideal for producing potable water in arid areas.

Water Treatment

Membrane Distillation may be used in many industrial application to remove undesired impurities from water. The water can then be discharged or reused. The process results are a decrease in the total waste volume that must be processed.

Other application includes:

  • Ultrapure water for pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Concentrate of Juices and fragrance compounds
  • Sugar concentration
  • Salt concentration
  • Bio-Fuel industry
  • Treatment of Reverse Osmosis (RO) reject
  • Fracking: Converting waste water to ultrapure
  • Oil & gas industry
Membrane Distillation

Membrane Distillation