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Pervaporation (AZEO SEP™)

Pervaporation (AZEO-SEP™) systems are useful for chemical separations in numerous industrial applications. Organic compounds can easily separate from water and other organic streams. The System use pervaporation for the separation or purification of various liquid mixtures. It is achieve by partial vaporization through a non-porous membrane. This process helps in separation of common solvents from an azeotrope with water because it is not possible for distillation alone to break it. These membranes selectively not affected by azeotrope formation. There are hundreds of solvents that which AZEO-SEP™ can purify. For example: MEK, MIBK, THF, Alcohols, Acetates etc.

The membrane acts as a selective barrier between the two phases; the liquid phase feed and the vapor phase permeate. It allows the desired component(s) of the liquid feed to transfer through it by vaporization. The separation process is mainly due to polarity difference and not on the volatility difference of the components in the feed.

Various applications of this system include:

  • Separation of Azeotropic mixtures in chemical process industry
  • Increasing distillation column efficiency for low volatility solvents
  • Solvent recovery
  • Increasing reaction yield in esterification process
  • Dehydration of solvents recovered from activated carbon beds

Evaporation with AZEO-SEP™ systems offers a number of benefits and advantages over competitive technologies. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Robust membranes for a wide range of industrial fluid separation applications
  • Flexible process and simple unit design. Its treats a large number of industrial solvents
  • Simple, standardized, stand-alone or plug-in units. A fully automatic operation if required
  • High returns with a very short payback period
  • Economical solvent recovery even at modest capacities
  • Breaks azeotrope separation barrier
  • Modular design makes plant expansion very easy
  • No introduction of additional chemicals for fluid separation
  • Environmentally friendly and pollution-free operation
  • Installation and hookup of skid-mounted AZEO-SEP™ unit. This involves minimum downtime and virtually  has no production loss
  • Efficiently dehydrates esters without decomposition
  • Complete reaction conversion,
  • Maximum product yield
  • Minimum reagent consumption cost
  • Maximizes reaction kinetics, reactor efficiency and productivity

The following waste solvents are successfully treated and recycled by using AZEO-SEP™ (Pervaporation) & VOC SEP™ (VAPOUR PERMEATIONmembrane systems: