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Vapor Permeation ( VOC-SEP™ )

Vapor Permeation ( VOC-SEP™ ) units are highly cost-effective compared to conventional treatment methods. This system utilizes a membrane based separation process for extracting low concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water by partial vaporization by the process of pervaporation through non-porous membrane. The membrane acts as a selective barrier between the feed in the liquid phase and the permeate in the vapor phase.It can extract hundreds of various kinds of VOC’s from water For example:Benzene, Chloroform, THF, TCE, Acetone, Acetates, etc.


The economic advantage increases significantly when VOC-SEP™ units are used to process feeds containing higher concentrations of  impurities, which are given below

  • On-site treatment eliminates expensive hauling and disposal costs.
  • No chemicals used for water treatment in Vapor Permeation.
  • No secondary waste generated minimizes the liability associated with solid waste disposal.
  • This is Cost-effective method for a wide range.
  • Affordable and low maintenance.
  • Skid-mounted compact units for ease of transportation and installation.
  • Low maintenance and operating cost for complete the process.
  • Advance technology but low capital cost.
  • Small area requirements to install.
  • Simple to operate.
  • In many cases, treated water is suitable for reuse.

Many of the separated products can now be recycled which circumvents the need to destroy waste to meet regulatory disposal requirements. Read more about Pervaporation.