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Solvents are used in many industrial processes. Some of the types of industries that can take advantage of AZEO-SEP™ (PERVAPORATION & VAPOUR PERMEATION)pervaporation systems to purify solvents, or VOC-SEP™ (Vapor Permeation) systems to recover solvents from waste streams are: Semiconductor Industry Many components in the semiconductor industry go through a rinsing process with water, and finally with an alcohol, usually ethanol or isopropanol. Pervaporation will dehydrate these alcohols for reuse. There may also be waste streams generated. Pharmaceutical Industry Companies in this group utilize solvents in the production of active ingredients, for the recovery of these active ingredients from solutions and to dry the final products. Solvents are also used to clean process equipment. Chemical Industry In many chemical reactions, the product yield is limited by the formation of water as a by-product. An example of this is the esterification reaction. A continual removal of water from the reaction vessel will drive the reaction to completion. This is possible by using an AZEO-SEP™ (PERVAPORATION & VAPOUR PERMEATION)pervaporation unit. Paint and Coatings Industry Many solvents are commonly used in the formulations of paints to provide the required properties. Solvents are also used in various systems to thin or remove old finishes prior to repainting. Printing Inks In this industry, solvents are required to give the inks a fast drying time. Many of the solvents used can be recovered, recycled and reused with AZEO-SEP™ (PERVAPORATION & VAPOUR PERMEATION) and VOC-SEP™ (Vapor Permeation) systems.