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VOC-SEP™ (Vapor Permeation) systems are highly suited for the removal of higher concentrations (0.2% to 10%) of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from industrial process streams or wastewaters. For optimum performance, the volatile organics that are to be separated should have a boiling point that is lower than the boiling point of water. Two of the main applications for VOC-SEP™ (Vapor Permeation) are: RECOVERY OF HIGH VALUE SOLVENTS On-site separation of valuable organic raw materials from a waste stream enables their return to the front-end process, which eliminates the hauling and disposal costs of these materials. It also reduces the cost of replacement raw materials. ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE VOC-SEP™ membrane systems offer an economical process to concentrate your waste stream by separating the offending VOCs from wastewater. The reduction in liquid waste volume can greatly reduce disposal costs