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Product & Services

Petro Sep™ Corporation offer a wide range of products and services including:

  • EPCM (engineer, procure, construction & management) contractor for membrane based fluid separation. Our turnkey based pilot plants utilize various membrane-based separating technologies including Pervaporation, Vapour Permeation, Membrane Distillation, and Ultrafiltration.
  • In-house facilities to develop and manufacture membranes for a variety of fluid separation applications in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and wastewater treatment industries.
  • Providing technical assistance, consulting, and conducting feasibility studies in solving complex fluid separation problems.
  • We are able to provide several ways to assist you in determining the best system for your application. Our services include:
  • Bench scale testing at Petro Sep R&D center in Canada.
  • Sales or rental of bench scale or pilot plant testing units.
  • Customized engineering and design for your unique fluid separation application.