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For over 20 years, we have studied and customized hundreds of custom membrane applications for separating solvents, and most of them have a payback period of less than 2 years!
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Petro Sep was established in 1999 after pioneering work by the founders of the company in the field of membrane-based filtration and separation systems.

It has now come a long way since and Petro Sep now manages custom and turnkey industrial projects for separation of complex fluid mixtures.

With our offices in Canada, Malaysia and China, Petro Sep has a global team of experts that cater to our projects worldwide from inception to execution and operations.

Petro Sep has developed several patented products as well as proprietary processes that enable keen advantages for applications across various industries. In addition to the economic savings, Petro Sep projects provide environmental benefits as well as reduced logistical footprint in managing waste and solvent recovery.

Petro Sep has successfully manufactured and installed plants in Canada, United States, Malaysia, China, and Saudi Arabia.



Years of Combined Experience (Membrane Technologies)



Projects Delivered Worldwide


Up to 99.99%

Recovery Possible!


Less than 2-3

Years for 100% ROI*

About PetroSep

Partnerships & Joint-Ventures

Petro Sep technology has numerous applications across many industries. Petro Sep has developed long-term licensing rights and joint-venture partnerships with many stakeholders for specific industry sectors and verticals.

Petro Sep has identified further verticals and applications for investors, where its technology addresses critical needs of the industry while providing solid economic returns to vested stakeholders and ensuring environmental sustainability as well.

Contact us for further details on those opportunities.

Turnkey solutions that will save you money and help the planet.