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Petro Sep has developed world-leading patented membranes AQUA-SEP®, VOC-SEP® and AZEO-SEP® for the separation of complex fluids.

  • We develop innovative proprietary hybrid membrane processes and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems. We provide domain expertise in vacuum membrane distillation (VMD), pervaporation (PV) and vapor permeation (VP) for industrial complex fluid separation problems. an that combines.
  • Petro Sep membrane systems provide are highly customizable and can be combined and designed for highly selective separation requirements with many advantages:
  • High velocity hollow fiber membrane that offers non fouling.
  • Highly selective to the target compounds and maximize product quality and purity.
  • Low operational energy consumption.
  • Modular construction easy to integrated with Existing or New Plants
  • Zero liquid discharge Membrane-Based Separation hybrid Systems.


Aqua-Sep® membranes are utilized in VMD systems to separate water from dissolved solids. Driving force is the differential pressure between the aqueous feed stream and the vapor stream under vacuum, resulting in high flux. The membrane acts as a selective barrier between the feed in the liquid phase and the permeate in the vapor phase.


  • Production of biofuel from municipal solid waste processing plant (MSW).
  • Purify wastewater from landfill for high quality standard for reuse.
  • Treatment of highly concentrated reject stream from thermal seawater desalination plant and Reverse osmosis systems.
  • Oil & Gas produced Water.
  • Lithium Recovery from mine tailing ponds.

AZEO-SEP® PV/VP Membranes

Azeo-Sep® is utilized in either PV or VP separation processes. In PV, feed stream is in liquid phase, while in VP it in is vapor phase. The driving force of separation is the pressure differential between two sides of the membrane. Generally, membrane material selection and density determine the flux rate and the selectivity of what passes through the membranes. Azeo-Sep® was customized for the dehydration of the process feed stream that forms azeotropic mixtures with water. While thermal distillation fails to achieve efficient dehydration.


AZEO-SEP™ PVVP Membranes
  • Recycle and purify spent solvents in the paint industry. This solvent is normally disposed as hazardous waste.
  • Purifications and recovery of a wide range of industrial solvents.
  • Separation of water from organics mixtures.
  • Dehydration of ethanol produced during the fermentation of sugar extracted from municipal solid waste (MSW) for industrial use or as ingredient in biofuel.
VOC-SEP™ PV/VP Membranes

VOC-SEP® PV/VP Membranes

VOC-Sep® is utilized in in either PV or VP separation processes. In PV, feed stream is in liquid phase, while in VP it in is vapor phase. The driving force of separation is the pressure differential between two sides of the membrane. VOC-Sep® PV/VP systems selectively allow Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) to diffuse through the membrane but not water due its hydrophobicity. It can also be customized to eliminate organic pollutants from aqueous streams and separation of organic-organic mixtures


  • Separation of volatile organic compounds from water mixtures such as ethanol-water and methanol-water mixtures.
  • Purification of top products of fractionating columns where feed is already in the form of a vapor and only the reflux of the column has to be condensed.
  • Separation of ethanol produced in the fermentation process of the extracted sugar from the municipal solid waste MSW. This produced ethanol is used in biofuel.
  • Recovery of light hydrocarbons from the produced water tailing ponds in oilfields.

Conventional Membranes

Depending on the feed specifications and separation needs, Petro Sep complements and supplies products that integrate with conventional industrial processes as necessary as well as standard membrane filtrations.

Petro Sep’s industrial water filtration membranes are porous membranes, where the separation is determined by the pore size of the membrane and the particle size of the supplied feed.


Conventional Membranes




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Petro Sep has pioneered world- leading membrane systems


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Petro Sep has pioneered world- leading membrane systems


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Petro Sep as an expert in membrane separation technology for the separation and purification of aqueous and organic mixtures, we provide process engineering services, designs, manufactures and supplies process equipment, as well as turn-key modular plants to the process industry. The main fields of activities comprise:

  • Engineering services such as conceptual process design, feasibility studies, plant optimizations including process validation in the test center
  • Testing including process development, feasibility and scale-up in a well equipped, state-of-the-art test center
  • Specialized process equipment
  • Complete separation process plants, in particular modular plants (skids).
  • Zero-Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a treatment process that allows recovery of water or desired solvents and dehydrating the remaining constituents in a solid form. As such, only high-purity water or solvent remain, and no liquid waste is produced.
  • Industrial and chemical processes heavily rely on water and solvents. However, most of the waste produced, including the liquid waste, is dumped in either landfills or waterbodies. Some of the waste cannot be recycled by conventional methods and some waste is partly recycled or reused, even when the waste contains valuable constituents that could be reused.
  • Petro Sep has pioneered innovative membrane-based systems that can be customized to treat, process and separate liquid waste streams resulting in zero liquid waste (zero liquid discharge or ZLD). Petro Sep’s existing products, such as AQUA-SEP™, VOC-SEP™ or AZEO-SEP™ can easily recover water with up to 99.99% purity (ultrapure water) from various streams and even separate mixtures that cannot be separated through conventional distillation, such azeotropic mixtures of ethanol recovery.
  • For example, a conventional wastewater recovery reverse-osmosis (WWRO) plant generally provides up to 75-85% efficiency in water reclamation and contaminant removal. Petro Sep membrane systems that can further treat water and recover valuable compounds and chemicals and recover high-purity water and solvents with zero-liquid discharge (ZLD).
  • Similarly, a desalination RO plant may remove 60-75% of the salts and return the remaining retentate, a highly concentrated brine, back to the water source. Over time, the returned brine is likely going to affect the salinity of the source feed and will further compromise RO plant efficiencies.
  • Petro Sep membranes resist salt damage and can further treat the reject brine from desalination plants upwards of 99.99% purity at lower temperatures than conventional distillation methods and produce a zero-liquid discharge.
  • There are numerous other applications where Petro Sep solutions can entirely recover the source solvents out of the wastewater and thus providing a multifold economic and environmental benefit for existing operations requiring a ZLD treatment.

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