Industry Overview

Industries today are constantly striving to optimize procurement and extraction of input (upstream) resources, management of midstream processes as well as disposal of end of cycle output (downstream) waste.

Petro Sep specializes in optimizing processes of complex fluids separation for its industrial partners and clients, while providing three-fold sustainability benefits: better economy, resource quality as well as cleaner environment.

Petro Sep has developed customized solutions for complex separation of fluids for a growing number of industries and applications, including the longstanding mature industries along with new emerging ones, such as municipal or industrial hazardous waste, mining, oil and gas, chemical solvents, water desalination, pharmaceutical industries.

Using its patented and proprietary products and processes, Petro Sep can create bench-scale research units, pilot or large-scale plants that are standalone, hybrid or integrated with existing industrial plants.

Other Industries

desalination, ultrapure water out of wastewater.

ingredient extractions & concentrates of juice

fragrance concentrates, distillation & disinfection processes

hemodialysis, hemofiltration, immunoisolation, stem cells

ultrapure water and solvent recycling and solutes recovery

fragrance concentrates, distillation & disinfection processes

Turnkey solutions
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