Petro Sep is pioneering membrane-based systems for complex separation needs since 1999.


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Technology Overview

For over 20 years, Petro Sep has developed world-leading membrane-based patented systems, such as AQUA-SEP®, VOC-SEP®, AZEO-SEP®, as well as proprietary processes and domain expertise for complex fluid separation problems.

Patents & Processes

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membrane-based patented systems

Product Features

  • Custom & Novel Applications

  • High Selectivity & Purity

  • Unique Azeotropic Mixture Separations

  • Low Footprint

  • Short Payback Period


Industry Overview

Industries today are constantly striving to optimize procurement and extraction of input (upstream) resources, management of midstream processes as well as disposal of end of cycle output (downstream) waste.

Hazardous Mining Water Treatment Plant

Our Industries

Our solutions integrate with existing plants and provide a hybrid solution with a small footprint.

Oil Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil Shale and Tar Sands have destructive environmental impacts that are also water and energy intensive, such as the industry practice of fracking.


Landfills & Municipal Waste

Municipal waste, solid or sewage, and leachate from landfills pose a growing challenge for the future of urbanization.


Industrial Waste & Solvent Recovery

Industrial plants consume solvents and produce wastewater that is usually discarded and disposed in environmentally disastrous manners.



Mining and ore processing consume a substantial amount of water. Many mines also leave barren land behind and a list of short- and long-term…


Botanic Extractions & Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical industry requires high-grade quality extracts, chemical processes and botanical extractions for medicinal purposes.

Other Industries

Other Industries

Water Treatment: desalination, ultrapure water out of wastewater…etc.

Our solutions integrate with existing plants and provide a hybrid solution with a small footprint.


Service Overview

Petro Sep is a recognized industry leader in vacuum membrane distillation (VMD), pervaporation (PV) and vapor permeation (VP) technologies to solve complex fluids separation problems at an industrial scale that are also economical and environmentally sustainable.

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