Solid Liquid Seperation

Solid Liquid Separation

Solid Liquid Seperation

What’s Solid-Liquid Separation?

Solid-Liquid separation involves the separation of two phases from suspension.

The aim of separation would be:

  • Recovery of valuable solid component
  • Recovery of the liquid
  • Recovery of both the solids and liquid phases

There are two main groups of solid-liquid separation differ in the way particles are collected:

  • Liquid Constrained
    • Liquid is constrained in a stationary or rotating vessel and particles move freely within liquid
    • Separation is due to forces acting on particles such as gravitational, centrifugal or magnetic
    • It includes:
      • Floating
      • Gravity or Centrifugal Sedimentation
      • Magnetic Separation
  • Particle constrained
    • Loosely called filtration, in which particles are constrained by medium and liquid is allowed to flow through medium
    • It includes:
      • Screening
      • Cake Filtration
      • Deep Bed Filtration
      • Membrane Separation

How does Petro Sep technology offer its own unique solutions

Petro Sep has developed world-leading membrane-based patented systems as well as proprietary processes and domain expertise for complex fluid separation problems.Our clean technology is based on pioneering work with membrane distillation (MD) that can perform solid-liquid separation at low temperatures and solids purity up to 99.9%. The used membranes in the separation process are hydrophobic and porous. These features offer high permeate flux rate and superior aqueous stream separation efficiency and permeate quality. Vacuum membrane distillation is the ultimate membrane distillation technology which is widely known as an effective industrial separation process in which all suspended and dissolved solids are removed from the industrial wastewater, rejected brine from Reverse Osmosis or thermal desalination plants.

Why Petro Sep?

We have done over 100 installations with our partners in China, Malaysia & United States

Petro Sep Patented Membranes are characterized by:

  • Non-fouling due to the high velocity hollow fiber membrane
  • High purity 99.5%+
  • Low energy
  • Modular construction
  • Turnkey Membrane-Based Separation Solutions
  • Stand-Alone Units or Integrated with Existing or New Plants
  • Energy & Cost Savings
  • Zero-Liquid Discharge

Petro Sep is right for you if you are looking for:

  • Turnkey solutions, from research, engineering to fabrication and operations management, utilizing various membrane-based separating technologies.
  • High purity 99.5%+
  • Development of custom membrane-based separation systems for a variety of applications for food, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, wastewater treatment industries and more.
  • Conversion of seawater, river water, canal water, well-water and brackish water into drinking water.
  • Our technical expertise and experience excel in solving challenging and complex separation problems.

Turnkey solutions
that will save you money and help the planet.