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Petro SepPetro Sep  is a world leader in providing sophisticated and innovative membrane distillation and pervaporation membrane systems.

Petro Sep’s Membrane Distillation (Aqua Sep™) systems can recover, purify, treat and clean hazardous water from mines, oil and gas fields, and industrial waste water.

One of the unique application of  Membrane Distillation  (Aqua Sep™) is that it complements and works as a hybrid system with RO (reverse osmosis) or any other desalination plant. This system  can also work as a stand alone desalination plant.

Pervaporation (Azeo Sep™) and Vapor Permeation (VOC Sep™) clean technologies are used  to recover  spent or toxic solvents for reuse instead of being incinerated as hazardous waste.

World Leading Clean Tech Solutions

Petro Sep Clean Tech technologies treats and recovers the following:

Water Treatment Technologies

  • RO (reverse osmosis) and thermal desalination plants' rejected brine water
  • Water from mines
  • Removal of acids including arsenic in the waste water from mines
  • Fracking water
  • Industrial hazardous waste water
  • Solvent recovery and recycling

Chemical Applications

    Biofuel Manufacturing, Bio-Chemical, Food Processing, Gas Seperation, Toxic vapor recapture, Aroma Fragrance and Flavor recovery

Projects delivered

Manufactured and Supplied a Bio-Fuel Plant to a customer in Sarnia Ontario

Manufactured and supplied a full scale thirty thousand liters/day Azeo Sep™ (solvent recovery by pervaporation) plant to a customer in Virgina USA.